We, at KEWS, are totally driven by customer satisfaction through quality based services. While Mahindra & Mahindra Company takes care of the quality of the base product , we always ensure that we provide par excellent services and repairs as well. Be it a recently bought Genset or an old one, we are always good with the troubleshooting ,understanding what needs to be done exactly and how much it is going to cost. This way we always maintain a clear communication with our customers.

Here are few services we provide to our clients:


Alternator Rewinding Service

We offer repairs for various motors like AC generators and DC motors with coil rewinding service and others.


Fabrication of Electrical Panels

As we tie up with Mahindra & Mahindra because we value quality or other materials also we only deal with those who provide premium materials. We use high-quality fabricating oils and materials to provide fabrication of electrical panels.


Installation of New DG Sets

We offer installation services to our premium clients. We also provide testing and commissioning of all DG sets on client location. These services are offered on various DG sets such as dual-fuel DG sets, silent DG Sets etc. We also assist with Synchronization, maintenance and overhauling of DG sets.


Repair of DG Sets

We attend all kinds of repairs to DG sets at the client location. We also deal with Repairing of AMF Panels, Fabricating Electric Panels, Generating and Rewinding AC Motors etc. The reason why our clients trust us is because we provide repairs and servicing with par quality as the original products. We ensure that the servicing or repairs we do, are helping to enhance the quality of the product. This way the durability increases and we get more happy clients. We value our clients and that multiplies trust.


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